About Materials
Silver : Silver925 Gold : 18KGP(Silver925に18金のメッキとなります)

Silver : Silver925 Gold : 18KGP (18k gold plated on Silver925)
About our products

KNOWHOW products are ear cuffs/necklaces/Clip-on earrings/bracelets. Rings/earrings are not available at this stage. Please understand.
Shipping and Delivery
プレオーダー商品:ご注文から1〜2ヶ月 (プレオーダーでのご注文いただいた商品は、基本キャンセル不可とさせていただきます)

Normally within 10 business days of order
Pre-order items: 1 to 2 months from the date of order (Pre-ordered items are basically non-cancellable.)
返品 / 交換 / 注文キャンセルについて
Returns / Exchanges / Order Cancellation Policy

返品時 商品代金+かかった送料+代引き手数料の合計を超えない額交換時 同じ商品(色・サイズを含む)があった場合には交換にて対応。無かった場合は返金にて返品時の保証内で対応となります。

Ordered products may be returned or exchanged within 7 days of receipt and unused in the following cases
・Initial failure
・Damage during shipping (damage to the product package or other items used to protect the product is not covered)
・The following is a list of our products that are available for purchase.
Please contact info@knowhowjewelry.
Please note that we do not accept returns (refunds) or exchanges for any of the following items, even within 7 days of receipt.
・Products that have been used at least once
・Products that have been defaced or damaged due to the customer's negligence
・Products that have been processed by the customer. Repaired and cleaned products
. ・The images on this page may differ slightly from the actual product (including colors)
. ・Items that are marked as non-returnable/non-exchangeable on each product description page.
・In the event that the product package, instruction manual, etc. is defaced, damaged, lost, or destroyed

. ・The warranty on returns and exchanges
The amount not to exceed the total of the product price + shipping costs + COD fee when returning an item. If there is no such item, a refund will be made to the customer within the warranty period for the returned item ・We will not accept cancellations by the customer.
・Orders placed through Pre-Order are basically non-cancellable.
About Wrapping
Shopping bag (https://knowhowjewelry.com/products/shopping-bag)、 またGift bag(https://knowhowjewelry.com/products/gift-bag)をご購入いただきましたら、お包みして配送させていただきます。
※Shopping bag単体でのご購入はできませんのでご了承ください。

Shopping bag (https://knowhowjewelry.com/products/shopping-bag) If you purchase a gift bag (https://knowhowjewelry.com/products/gift-bag), we will wrap and deliver it to you. Please note that shopping bags cannot be purchased separately.
Repair and maintenance
クリップの締め直し、コーティングなど有償にてお受けしております。 ご希望の方はinfo@knowhowjewelry.com またはオンラインストア右下のチャットサービスよりお問い合わせください。

Clips can be re-tightened and coated for a fee. Please contact us at info@knowhowjewelry.com or use the chat service in the lower right corner of our online store.

If you do not receive an order confirmation e-mail
また、携帯キャリアメール(@ezweb.ne.jp / @docomo.ne.jp / @softbank.ne.jp)のアドレスには、メールが届かない場合がございます。 キャリアメール以外でのご登録をおすすめ致します。

ご注文確認メールが届かない場合は info@knowhowjewelry.com またはオンラインストア右下のチャットサービスよりお問い合わせください。

If you do not receive an email, the following may be the cause
・The order has not been confirmed
. ・The email address you entered is incorrect
. ・The mail has been sorted into a spam mail box
/ Receipt rejection settings have been set
. ・The capacity of the incoming mailbox is full
If you do not receive an order confirmation email, please contact us at info@knowhowjewelry.com or through our chat service at the bottom right of the online store.
Payment Method
VISA・Master・AMERICAN EXPRESS・JCBが御利用頂けます。各クレジットカード会社の提供する、一括払いのみ御利用頂けます。
・Amazon pay

Credit Cards
VISA, Master, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and JCB are accepted. Only one-time payment is accepted by each credit card company.